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Purpose of Neurostatus Training

In order to improve the consistency both between different examining physicians (interrater reliability) and between different examinations by the same physician (intrarater reliability), we developed the Neurostatus / EDSS-training method. This training program is based on a standardised neurological examination, which provides the information necessary for the assessment of disability and impairment in multiple sclerosis (MS).

First, we created a standardised examination form, the Neurostatus, containing detailed definitions of disability ratings. Based on the Neurostatus, standardised neurological examinations of MS patients were recorded and incorporated into this educational and instructional tool. These videos have been used worldwide to train more than 9000 EDSS examiners, participating in nearly all multi-centre studies conducted around the world in the last years.

Both inter- and intrarater reliability are improved by this training method (Lechner-Scott et al., 1998). The improvement in rater reliability is very important to help in reaching maximal statistical power of therapeutic studies.

Our purpose in developing the Neurostatus Training CD-ROM is to maintain the high standard of training required for clinical trials and to continue educating the next generation of neurologists in performing a standardised neurological examination and in using the Neurostatus and EDSS.