Neurostatus scoring documents

In order to assure high reliability of assessment, it is essential to have a standardised examinations and consistent definitions for the Functional System scores.

It is highly recommended that physicians seeking certification first become familiarised with the Neurostatus Scoring Documents or equivalent case report forms for the respective study.

Clinical studies initiated after February 2006 will use the Neurostatus Definitions and Scoring Sheet. Studies that began prior to this date will continue using the Neurostatus Form.


  1. Neurostatus Scoring Definitions Booklets (20x12cm, 20 pages)
  2. Neurostatus Scoring Sheet (in pads of 40 pages)

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* To download the Neurostatus Scoring Documents specific to the studies you are participating in, please login to your personal Neurostatus e-Test account and select 'Scoring documents'.

Download Specimen version 03/09:
Neurostatus Scoring Definitions
Neurostatus Scoring Sheet

Download Specimen version 04/10.2:
Neurostatus Scoring Definitions
Neurostatus Scoring Sheet