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Purpose of Neurostatus e-Test
Purpose of Neurostatus Training
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Purpose of Neurostatus e-Test

Neurostatus e-Test is a web-based interactive test and certification tool for physicians, who are interested in using a standardised scoring system for the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and its Functional Systems (FS) in the context of multi-centre or single centre clinical studies.

Since 2004 the Neurostatus e-Test has been used worldwide to certify more than 9000 EDSS examiners participating in nearly all multi-centre studies conducted around the world in the last years.

Content and functions

• Easy access, personal e-Test account and user-friendly e-Test procedure for investigators.
• Three attempts to obtain qualification.
• Three Qualification Levels related to requirements of the respective study (to be defined by the Study Steering Committee).
• Qualification Document for download.
• Helpline with contact to study administrations, instructions and FAQ.
• Automatic re-certification for investigators who previously qualified for another trial via the Neurostatus e-Test.
• Personal Training Items for investigators, with direct link from Neurostatus Training DVD-ROM.
• Neurostatus Scoring Documents or equivalent case report forms for download.
• Online Administration Tool and database for study administrations with all necessary information, current test status of investigators and various administrative options.

In order to assure high reliability of assessments, it is essential to have standardised examinations and consistent definitions for the Functional System scores. These are provided in the Neurostatus Scoring Documents and interactive Neurostatus Training DVD-ROM.